Branding and website redesign for local school

Wombridge Primary School

Branding and website redesign for local school


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How do you instill leadership, progression and forward thinking in children, if you’re not doing it yourself? Wombridge Primary School needed a website to reflect the work the school and children created, allow parents and other stakeholders to see progression and most importantly, allow the children to see their work progress and maintain aspirations to see it live.


For this we had to build some custom functionality to be able to make this possible. We needed a way to enable each classes updates to be seen on the website and encourage the children to aspire to do better. Wombridge had a separate blog domain, which we wanted to import the latest updates to the website. The school has a team points system, that we enabled to show on the website, letting people see the progress and inspire for the children to improve to push their team ahead.


The new Wombridge Primary website made it easy for everyone to keep updated on what each class was doing, being able to see what each class had been working on, making it easy for the children to update themselves. The implementation of the points system on the website helped drive the children to perform better helping the school improve the progress of them.

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