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A world leading TV accessories manufacturer

AVF is a world leading supplier of TV stands and supports, and with their worldwide distribution network, you’ll have seen their products in Currys, John Lewis and Costco, to name a few. They came to us for a new product website to demonstrate and advertise their new adaptable TV stand that would be sold nationally by large and small retailers throughout the UK.

New website for their ingenious new product

The website needed to demonstrate the adjustability and colour options available with their new TV stand, which has:



There’s a lot to show with a TV stand that has style and configuration options for people to choose from. This needed to be shown in a slick way to suit the market, and at the same time reflect the quality and flexibility of the product. The website itself did not need to directly sell products (this happens through distributors). It needed to add value (and support sales) by boosting product awareness, be a key source of product information and help generate interest by providing details about what it was capable of.


Demonstrating the product flexibility in an engaging way

With so many variations to suit any TV size in any setting, there is a lot of data and images that people would need to see, in order to understand what is possible (without being overwhelmed with information!).


On the homepage (the main landing page of the website), we used a video, to show what was possible with the TV stand. We highlighted this as the starting point at the top of the page, with clear, compelling CTA’s throughout. Following this we showed an image for each design variation of the stand that it could be made into, followed by the benefits of the TV stand.

Detailed, easy to understand product pages


AVF’s product is new to the market, and we wanted to create a product page that would take visitors through the ‘story’ of the product and clearly see all of the benefits. So this meant that more than just a block of product description text was needed 🙂 We had to ensure the key points stood out.


We started with an image and bullet points highlighting the key features, as this would be familiar to website visitors. This is then followed by a PDF download of the tech sheet, detailed assembly instructions and easily digestible product specifications and bearing in mind that this content needs to be easy to find for the after-sales service.


After the detailed product information, videos would then help to fully demonstrate the options. First, a lifestyle video, showing the variations of that product option, visually demonstrating the sizes and colours variations.


Then, a technical video with a 360-degree view, giving you an in-depth impression of how the product looks and how the additional pieces of the product are stored. All of this gives value to the product, providing everything you need to know about each option.


Website that adds value

The website has helped on many levels and adds incredible value for:



All helping indirectly to generate increased revenue. For consumers looking for a TV stand, it helps show the quality and flexibility of the product generating interest and desire for them to purchase. For the customers who buy and own the TV stand, it then provides the after-sales service including a full support network, assembly instructions and direct contact with the AVF support team through the website.


It adds value to the distributors and retail stores to help sell the product, equips their sales staff with all the information they need, making them more informed, and to help demonstrate its value to potential customers to support their sales.


All this then makes AVF’s products more attractive, consumers feel informed and taken care of as they have all the information about the TV stand provided, and technical support on hand if they need it. For retailers, AVF products become more attractive to stock, as the value provided by the website, makes it easier to sell.