3 Ways We Take Care Of Your Website

At isev, it’s really important to us that our client’s websites and services remain available as much of the time as possible. Availability is becoming increasingly important as more and more of we appreciate the fact that our websites and other services aren’t just used during the regular Mon-Fri, 9-5. But especially during those key business hours, it’s even more important!…

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Why Open Source software isn’t free!


We now live in an age where there are lots of open source software options when it comes to building a new website, be it WordPress or Drupal for your website/blog or Magento for your online shop. But there is a common misconception that going the Open Source route is the cheapest and easiest option.…

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.uk Domain Name Entitlement

Nominet, the registry that controls all UK web domain names, is in the process of letting customers know about entitlements to the newly introduced .uk domain names. What does this mean? Well, if you already have a .co.uk domain registered, you might be entitled to its .uk equivalent before anyone else has a chance to register…

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